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Virgo - 2017 Horoscope


2017 prediction

Virgo, the horoscope predicts, just as white light passes through a prism and disperses in a beautiful spectrum of colors, in 2017 you can experience every seemingly trivial situation as a real fascinating novel. The world is becoming increasingly complex and that makes many zodiac signs rather nervous, but not you. Thus, the horoscope sees the sensitivity and intelligence of Virgo as a very positive quality.

Just as new cameras are provided with more sensitive microchips with greater resolution (when the image from such a camera is enlarged on a computer, you see more details than before) similarly you become a better observer equipped with better ability to distinguish. For example, if somebody comes to visit you, it automatically evokes joy but also many questions because now you can see right through people.

The 2017 horoscope encourages Virgo to go to the nature and the countryside. It does not matter that outdoors you will encounter dust, dirt, mud, hunger, thirst, cold or rain. It will brighten up all your senses and you will enjoy the real universe, from which we all come, to the fullest. A tie from Versace or Hugo Boss is very good in the city where it can help you climb steeply up the social ladder. In the nature you will use it instead of your belt and hang a hunting knife or a water bottle on it. But that will not matter at all. Virgo, in 2017 please ignore the social conventions and try as much as possible to resonate with your natural essence. You will see where it may lead you as a compass in dark woods.


Virgo, in love you should not bite off more than you can chew this year. Moderation does not only benefit your stomach but even your emotional life. You do not have to retire to a monastery, but changing partners every month or having the thoughts of marriage in 90 days after the first date can be a little too much for the delicate nature of your practical earth sign. In love try to look for the real fertile soil rather than the short-term pleasure and amusement. Only then you can grow the long term relationship and harvest the fruits of your feelings.


Surprisingly, the most important things concerning your career life will not happen in the office, but outside of it. The 2017 horoscope for Virgo highlights the importance of all the little and “unimportant” things that accompany your work and which you cannot convert directly into money. You just cannot reduce your work into bare statistics and charts – into the plain equivalent of success or failure. If you smile at customers or colleagues, it costs nothing, but the benefit is often immense. Likewise, it does matter whether you take your business partner to a stylish dinner or to an exhibition or if you leave them alone in a strange city. If you are able not only to collaborate with others but actually to establish deeper relationships with them, your success and job satisfaction will be multiplied. Also, keep in mind that life neither stops nor starts behind your office door – every day lasts 24 hours which should be filled by whatever makes you happy.

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