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Scorpio - 2018 Career Horoscope


2018 Career Prediction

Child – Gypsy Tarot Card

The career horoscope for 2018 predicts a career success – Scorpio will achieve the triumph in his or her own unique project. The child is the symbol for the culmination of your efforts to materialize your dreams and aspirations. The result of your work will obtain its own face and an independent live during the whole 2018.


Scorpio – designer, engineer

The Scorpio engineer, which is developing and improving motors in a car company, will come suddenly with a new and unexpected solution. Gasoline, diesel, CNG or LPG – all of that may be the past! Scorpio is able to discover a true gold mine in 2018. And all that only with the own invention. Maybe it will be an engine that runs only on water, who knows …

Scorpio – guard

But back to the ground. If you are employed as an ordinary railway guard, even here may Scorpio achieve a great successes. You will submit an innovative proposal to the director, how to make the long journey more pleasant to the bored passengers. Do you think you will not be heard? In such case, you will found your own transport company, where all the passengers will not want to get out from the train at the terminal! The Scorpio will overwrite the history of rail transport in the 2018 – as the most comfortable carrier in the world.

Scorpio – in the secret service

Scorpio, are you looking for a career in the secret service? Surely, you do not have to be famous as James Bond. It will be completely sufficient if, in accordance with the horoscope, you will find the unique solution for some special task. Scorpio, let’s imagine – you have to trace the visitors of a particular hotel. Than give a luxury Parker pen to all of them, of course equipped with a microchip for eavesdropping and distant monitoring. Nobody will put such a precious gift to the drawer, especially when you add a story that it is in fact a gift from Her Majesty Elizabeth II. for the millionth visitor of Britain in 2018!

Tarot Card - Scorpio 2018 Career Horoscope

The harmonic 2018

The career horoscope will delight Scorpio by saying that things will ideally fit together in the 2018. Your career and the private life will start to resemble two sides of the zipper. Scorpio will just easily pull the slider and circumstances (teeth) will firmly unite together. To combine your family and career will be easier than ever!

The horoscope encourages Scorpio to be proud of your achievements. The pressure to increase the productivity works like a rubber, which constantly erases the line that is drawn by a pencil. However, Scorpio is proud and wise. In 2018 you will pick up a real pen, which can outline and highlight the pale pencil line of your career successes – in such extent, that no rubber may be able erase it. The horoscope advises: Scorpio, look back in the 2018 and caress your confidence.

Career tips for Scorpio

  1. Scorpio, get ready to take the crown jewels. You are predestined to govern in 2018. The career horoscope predicts that Scorpio will be the successful manager, boss or supervisor.
  2. Discover the magic substance that will help and support your career. Acquire a small talisman – a birthstone that will guide you.
  3. The essential question of the career horoscope is how to get through an invisible cobweb of opportunities and baits of 2018. The answer is simple: relay on science, not on dreams.
  4. The career horoscope urges Scorpio: avoid large loans in 2018. This year is not favourable to debts.
  5. As a representative you will take a true advantage of your career prospects. Scorpio will have the ideal ability to speak for others in 2018 (serving as a diplomat, spokesperson, commissioner, attorney,deputy etc.)
Tarot Card - Scorpio 2018 Career Horoscope
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