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Scorpio - 2018 Horoscope


2018 prediction

Scorpio, a nimble fox equipped with a large amount of good luck

Scorpio, the horoscope for 2018 predicts that your character will resemble a nimble fox. You will be able to sneak unnoticed wherever you want to, every time you get the slightest opportunity to do so. Whether you are longing for the best tickets for a sold out gig, or you doubt your success in getting among the elite members of a scientific expedition to Antarctica, the result will certainly be positive because good luck is on your side! Now, Scorpios can fill any empty space (no matter if it is a “niche” in the market or a “free” afternoon) with original ideas, agility, and courage. Should the Eiffel Tower in Paris tilt its angle like the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, you will surely find a way to put it back straight!

2018 will strengthen your pragmatism and desire to help

In 2018, it is also Scorpio who, according to horoscope, will assume the role of a saviour of lonely souls. You know that to save the whole world is indeed not possible for any human being, but if everyone helped only one other suffering soul, there would suddenly be 3.5 billion smiling faces in the world. However, Scorpio is a realist. You know that a prince enchanted in a frog can only be found in a fairy tale. But horoscope says that Scorpio will not rest on laurels and hope for the arrival of a handsome prince. You will grasp an opportunity immediately as soon as you notice it.

Horoscope predicts unique experiences

It also seems that Scorpio is set on something very unique in 2018. Whether you get lucky enough to auction a lost Stradivarius on eBay for one dollar only or to buy an exclusive striped dress that even zebras on the equator could envy you, we do not know. But surely you can look forward to many exciting adventures. The year 2018 will smash the moments of boredom to smithereens. Although you will get your fingers burnt in 2018, the Scorpio’s essence will prevent you from crying in such a moment. Horoscope also urges Scorpio to plan carefully with a help of calendar and a list of tasks. When you dream and then wake up, you will always know where to go next.


Love can be unexpectedly noisy in 2018. You can rest assured that a strong Italian temperament will move Scorpio, even if he or she comes from the north and has snow for breakfast 365 days a year. Horoscope notes that broken dishes can be easy glued together, a skilful seamstress can perhaps fix a torn jumper, but wounds and scars of love might not be healed easily. Scorpio, in 2018 tame your passions, be more forgiving and less explosive (read more).


Scorpio, horoscope says, that you can be easily disgusted at work when you see how some fellows try to cheat and rush things. You know this is not the right way for one’s rising career. When you put an egg in boiling water, it will not speed up the process and a cute chicken will not hatch out – instead you will simply cook the egg. And similarly there is a lot of things which cannot be done faster and more effectively in 2018. The increased speed will not help the career success. A thorough and professional approach and a 100% result – these are values worthy of the genuine Scorpio and a great experience in itself. Rely on them and you will do the best thing for your career (read more).

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