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Taurus - 2018 Career Horoscope


2018 Career Prediction

Fidelity – Gypsy Tarot Card

The career horoscope says, that in 2018 especially the loyalty will be crucial for the success of the Taurus people. To be faithful to your employer, to the corporate values and to the needs of your customers – this all will make you feel as strong as the horse pictured on the card.

The Taurus will not be a globetrotter once again

Conservative tendencies are dominant by Taurus. The 2018 will not be any exception. A typical Taurus will NOT work as an editor of the Michelin restaurant guide. This would require to travel through several continents, like the genuine globetrotter, and map the quality of the local food. An exemplary Taurus will be rather a manager at the publisher’s headquarters, where such editors, being constantly on the road, send daily their articles. A careful Taurus sorts, corrects and gingers them up.

Tarot Card - Taurus 2018 Career Horoscope

The 2018 with a new spark

However, the 2018 horoscope predicts the need to move forward and to open up to new ideas. Your career needs, except of toughness, a new spark and the double portion of enthusiasm. This is necessary to motivate the Taurus to do the work really effectively, with authentic joy and devotion. If you have to find out more about the competition, to embrace and kiss its spokesman in the public is probably not the best idea. The career horoscope tells you: much better way for a Taurus–spy will be when you will pretend an active Facebook fan or a zealous customer who, as the chairman of the fan club, will learn all about the production of famous goods. The career horoscope simply advise to Taurus to use actively the imagination in 2018 and not to be afraid to make at least a small step into the unknown.

Horoscope predicts growth

The 2018 horoscope, however, recommends to remain faithful to what made your career successful in recent years (do not change the horse in the middle of the race). For the good career prospects of the Taurus will also be essential to avoid the stereotype and manage to keep the joy and motivation in your job. Replace all the images that hang on the walls, or better yet, change the whole office – move one floor above and with a better salary!

Career tips for Taurus

  1. Taurus, in 2018 it will be better to be more “fastened” and focused on your job, rather than to be free-thinking and unrestrained.
  2. The horoscope says that the bedroom will be important in your career. Obviously, you should find the proper relaxation there, no matter if it will be the “active” one, the “passive” one or both.
  3. The 2018 will be very suitable for resolving difficult tasks and making tough decisions.
  4. Taurus people should care more about the rhythm of the week. It is fundamental for you to obtain the sustainable tempo – a nice pulsation of energy that is repeating in certain pattern. The work in shifts is not healthy for your body nor helpful to your career.
  5. Be ready to give somebody a gentle “whipping in 2018. Taurus, you do not like the violence, but sometimes it is necessary to avoid the attack ahead. The horoscope warns that in such case it is simply good to “teach a lesson” in advance, rather to defend yourself later.
Tarot Card - Taurus 2018 Career Horoscope
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