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Taurus - 2018 Horoscope


2018 prediction

The independent but good-hearted Taurus

Taurus, the horoscope for 2018 predicts that critical determinant will be how well your life can be framed. But this of course does not mean that your existence is like a painting, a romantic idyll. It is often the exact opposite – a meeting with your mother-in-law may resemble a dilapidated shapes of a picture by Pablo Picasso and the conversation with your colleagues may appear similar to incredible imagination of Salvador Dali. That is why you have to set firmer boundaries (a solid frame) to your life, these will clearly indicate what has the meaning and real value and what does not. You would like to be the one who bakes the cakes, rather than the one who eats them. Taurus will simply take pride in independence and kindness during 2018. You will become a kind and original host. Indeed, Taurus prefers giving a lovely gift to accepting one from others.

The horoscope foretells the initial gloom

Sadness and melancholy may unexpectedly surprise Taurus. At other times you wear the devil's horns, which encourage your creativity and friendly jokes. This time, however, the flame can begin to fade. But you will not surrender. Your earthy temperament and the message of the horoscope together represent only the first two trees in an abundant alley of all the days of 2018. Where others see only a barren land on the surface, you can discover a gold mine hidden underground.

The 2018 full of temptation

It is very likely that you will be lured by many temptations in 2018. Some Taurus people will make their life sweeter by a double dose of Tiramisu, others will indulge in an extra glass of port wine. You should, however, be cautious when enjoying such “little passions”. This can easily get out of hand. The feeling of self-discipline will bring you real joy – you will be happy in the moments when you can resist the pleasures rather than blindly succumb to them.


Taurus knows that falling in love is like a soap bubble. It is beautiful and colourful, floats into the sky, but it always makes a “pop” and suddenly it turns out that there was just empty air inside. The horoscope therefore advises you, especially if you are married, not to yield to the temptations of secret love, or you will be burnt by its heat. You are looking for a relationship that will be as solid and long as the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, not just for some short daze. The fact that someone understands you and shares interests with you is the very foundation of a relationship. What the other person has in their wallet and how their blue eyes sparkle is indeed important too and may affect your love, but at the same time it is too little to build a relationship upon in 2018 (read more).


Maybe you feel that the development of your career is being restrained by a frog on the spring (read the Grimm Brothers fairy tale to learn more if you do not know the story). This way you may perceive for instance your supervisor or boss, who is about to retire and you would like get their position. Or it is a competitor whose customer you are unable to obtain. Either way, according to your horoscope the key to success will be something different – a light breeze that will bring inspiration and new ideas. Do not change your opinions abruptly, the 180 degrees turn does not suit Taurus anyway, but let slowly blow away everything that is spoiling the mood and positive thinking in your professional and career life. 2018 is the right year for a steady progress in your career. Taurus should not do everything in the same manner as before (read more).

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