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Aquarius - 2018 Love Horoscope


2018 Love Prediction

Care – Angel Card

In 2018, the love of Aquarius will by guided and directed by the angel’s care. Love is not a matter-of-course. If we think, that the invisible air is a natural and automatic part of our life, even a short stay under the water will convince anyone that it is the very opposite. And love is very similar. The horoscope therefore recommends that Aquarius should focus consciously on the emotional life and do not leave everything to chance. Your element is air, which tends to make the behaviour of Aquarius unstable and erratic. The love horoscopes advises: in 2018, Aquarius should put on the iron shoes and stand firmly on the ground (Aquarius people are usually flying in the sky).

The 2018 and the acid test of Aquarius

Aquarius, be careful where you direct your love. If you have a pet, you can certainly give it your whole care and this dumb creature will return all the emotional generosity to the maximum. It is incomparably complicated to get on with real people, but whether we like it or not adult relationships and genuine love with them are the true fulfilment in life, while pampering of cats and dogs is often only a substitute for the lack of natural love and understanding. The love horoscope encourages Aquarius: even in the case, that your beloved partner drives you mad, you should see such misery in 2018 as a necessary test of the heaven, rather than as an unnecessary and pointless torment.

Angel card - Aquarius 2018 Love Horoscope

Horoscope signals a change

The love horoscope is showing the green colour on the traffic light for the whole 2018 – for every Aquarius distressed by the divorce or by the breakup. The life goes on and you have finally stop drowning in your own grief. Those, who will return to the original mate, will find out that you cannot step into the same river twice. And others, who finally threw the shards of broken love overboard, can slowly watch for the port, where it would be worth it to anchor permanently.

Love is not a game

Aquarius, although you were certainly quite disappointed in the past, you have probably come to the conviction that the true love is definitely not a “game”. They are no real winners and losers in love. In love, you can just enjoy the blissful feeling that pervades the entire body – perhaps similarly like the cat can bask most of the day in the sunshine. The 2018 horoscope shows your heart lit by the rays of understanding, trust and kindness. You can therefore believe that the Aquarius will flourish in the sphere of emotions.

Angel card - Aquarius 2018 Love Horoscope
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