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Aquarius - 2018 Horoscope


2018 prediction

Do not remain indebted in 2018 or get reconciled with the burden

Aquarius, in 2018 you certainly do not want to remain indebted. Of course, if you have a mortgage on your house or a loan for study or business, you will probably not get rid of that burden quickly and “magically”, let’s say with the help of a secret spell or a miracle. However, horoscope predicts that scary dreams and occasional hysterical anxiety about the “boulder” you are actually rolling ahead, will weaken or disappear completely.

Aquarius will light up like a light bulb

It is quite certain according to horoscope that Aquarius will become a “light bulb”. But do not panic. You will not be fragile like “made from glass” or be tightened or squeezed as “in the socket”. Aquarius is simply destined to shine in 2018 and bring the light into the lives of others as well. You do not have to be an actor on Broadway to be watched with admiration by thousands of eyes. It will completely suffice if the modest life of Aquarius will be like a small show for a few (your close friends and family). In fact, it is their applause and smiles what really matters.

Horoscope predicts an occasional sentimentality

Your relationship to places that you really love will become much more important for Aquarius people. The home-town or the place of studies will tug at the emotions, certainly more than the virtual spaces of any computer game. Fingers that smell of nature (e.g. exhausted thanks to working in the garden), can be folded under your head with pleasure in the evening, while blisters on your thumb and little finger caused by constant keystrokes on “Space” and “Enter” may burn the unhappy Aquarius all night.

Curious Aquarius will gain confidence

Horoscope for 2018 predicts that an exuberant conversation of Aquarius will come to fruition in form of many unforgettable experiences. There is a saying that “he who makes no mistakes, makes nothing” – but also “curiosity killed the cat“. Anyway, if you are wondering where the famous professor got his beautiful gold watch, feel free to ask him / her politely. And if you want to know why your mother-in-law uses more salt in her cooking than she should, do not hesitate to find out. Aquarius, according to horoscope you need to rely on your self-confidence, because there is nothing like a bad question, there is only a silly answer to it.


Aquarius, 2018 may be a bold bite in matters of love. There are considerable pressures in relationships around you. Horoscope admits that your zodiac sign is a very idealistic one, but you know that everything has its limits. A lion will not start eating grass and you will not love someone who can do nothing else but criticize you. On the contrary, Aquarius may enjoy love where the world views naturally resonate like two chords in a Mozart sonata (read more).


In your career, Aquarius shall rely on proven recipes and experiences. The fact, that a stick immersed into water looks as if broken in half, is only a beautiful optical illusion. But no one will fool Aquarius in 2018 by similar gimmicks. The nature of Aquarius resembles a strong and wise bear which knows that honey is good and sweet, and that it is appropriate to rely on it today as it was thousands of years ago. The horoscope suggests that traditional values and honesty will yield the best results in your career throughout the whole 2018 (read more).

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