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Leo - 2018 Love Horoscope


2018 Love Prediction

Strength – Angel Card

Your powers are on the rise! Leo can gladly look forward to the year 2018. This zodiac sign will find a deep source of energy that can stimulate the love and overall relationships. Maybe you want to be a knight in the golden armour, maybe you want to be the most beautiful rose in the garden – the love horoscope predicts that Leo will surely not lack the self-confidence and determination to achieve such proud goals.

The 2018 will support Leo’s instincts

Leo should rely on instincts. This mighty feline is able to recognize food miles away, and considering the questions of love, it is obvious that if somebody really does not smell well to Leo, then the change of perfume will not help much. The horoscope delivers a clear message: Leo cannot outsmart the love by the reason. When, in 2018, your feelings start to rush forward headlong like a herd of wild horses, there is no other option but to go beyond them and find the place where they stopped.

Angel card - Leo 2018 Love Horoscope

Horoscope urges Leo to conciliation

The horoscope reminds the saying: “love goes through the stomach”. But this does not mean that you should spend the whole 2018 at the stove. Although Leo has the potential to be the best chef or the chairman of the gourmet jury, in private it is worth to bet on conciliatory and compromising approach that is not superior to others. Leo, would your honey like to taste the China food today but you prefer the saucy beefsteak? Well, the best solution is to go to such restaurant where you can get both! Finally, you will see that exchanging your dinners in the half is a quite unusual but very appealing idea. And if one of you would order spaghetti, it certainly would end with a large “collision” of your lips in the middle of the longest one – excuse me, with a sweet kiss. Leo, behave helpfully, surprise others, and, according to the love horoscope, you will be rewarded.

Love of Leo will demand muscles

The 2018 horoscope tells Leo that the love is not just a cakewalk. In your case, be prepared also for a kind of a boxing match or a war game. Instead of one tireless James Bond, Leo will be pursued by a swarm of persistent and inventive admirers. However, if you encounter someone who is not exactly the same “blood group” as you are, or if someone tries to hurt you, Leo will quickly show the claws and gain the energy equal to the “Raging Bull” as Robert De Niro in the movie of the same name. Therefore it is not very advisable to gamble with Leo’s love during the 2018.

Angel card - Leo 2018 Love Horoscope
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