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Leo - 2018 Horoscope


2018 prediction

2018 full of colours

Leo, the horoscope predicts that grey colour is not the right one to highlight sensuality and your true character in 2018. Although you do not need to dazzle others with colours like a peacock or like a rainbow, rightly chosen colour will simply bring benefit to Leo. Red dress may highlight that you are funny as well as energetic, a blue T-shirt can express the depth and the majestic calm, which are also an inseparable part of your personality. In 2018, therefore, do not avoid diversity in clothing and let your preferred style speak louder than words. The horoscope gently lifts the veil of the future where you can see a camera focused on you. Whether you are 9 or 99 years old, you will be an inspiration to others – for all those who are slower, less courageous or just lack the broad horizons you have.

Leo´s patriotism will be on the rise

Leo´s patriotism (please do not confuse with a blind nationalism) will be on the rise, and that is also true even if you belong to real globetrotters. You will simply realize how profoundly important the place where you live or where you grew up is. Leo will not suddenly hang the national flag over their bed, neither they will place the statue of the president on their desk. Well, the mild indifference, however, can be easily replaced in 2018 by a sense of pride over the fact that you love your mother tongue and things and places that accompany you in life. There´s just no place like home!

The horoscope predicts the end of vanity

The 2018 horoscope also heralds certain pleasure in conversations with others. Let´s be honest, Leo people are sometimes smug and sometimes too self-satisfied. But now comes a year when you will be more interested in listening to others and willing to know more about their different life stories. This way you will discover new and previously unimagined vistas – in the sorrows and delights of those who you have only been passing earlier. The world will be very varied in 2018 and Leo will realize that they have been looking only in one direction for too long.


Love will be a real cleansing bath for Leo. Sediments of many problems rising from stress in love and career may harden your shoulders like a shell of a tortoise, and you will be hardly able to move freely. And in such moments the touch of your mate will be mostly desirable. His or her presence will pervade your heart and love will cut the chains in two like a mighty sword – the chains of norms and requirements forced by the society. Love is sometimes very binding, indeed, but in 2018 it can also bring freedom to Leo, especially in the moments when your significant other understands you and sets Leo free from the burdens of useless desires (read more).


According to the career horoscope, Leo should prepare for the real “chess game“. Maybe you are not a professional trucker (“lorry driver“), but still you can imagine how difficult and unpleasant may the manoeuvring on the crowded road be. If Leo wants to cross the finish line first, she or he has no other choice but to push the gas pedal hard and consider the fact that you might scratch the paint at least. However, it will be much wiser to accept that you cannot control the whole universe by your wishes, dreams or thoughts. Leo, the horoscope predicts that maybe you can achieve even more than you would expect, but in peace and without forcing things forward. And this is especially true for your career life (read more).

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