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Sagittarius - 2018 Love Horoscope


2018 Love Prediction

Faith – Angel Card

Sagittarius, in 2018 you will be accompanied by The faith, an angel card recalling the importance of the inner fulfilment and of the spiritual growth. If you have sought in vain the meaning of love till now, then in 2018 you will get the necessary insight on this important matter. Sagittarius people will experience the real value of genuine love and emotions, and they will also realize that nothing happens just by chance. The horoscope predicts that Sagittarius will have more confidence in own work, family and higher principles that give the real depth to the life and to the love.

The 2018 will be marked by sincerity

The love horoscope encourages Sagittarius to behave politely and to avoid embarrassing others. If you are a handsome man and you will bring a flower to a woman “just for fun” or “without ulterior motives”, such act may be easily misunderstood. Well, no woman is usually waiting for gifts and compliments without a purpose. The 2018 will not make any difference. And if you are a Sagittarius woman, you should not leave the false hope to those who are constantly but unsuccessfully courting you. It is nice to be in the centre of the attention and a target of flattery, but the love horoscope recommends to Sagittarius to be highly polite, but also absolutely honest during the whole 2018.

Angel card - Sagittarius 2018 Love Horoscope

Love of Sagittarius will be generous

The love of Sagittarius should be accompanied with generosity. For men, you can figure out many ways how to make such kindness clear and apparent. For women, the desire to divide the wealth will be projected more into the spiritual realm. No real gentleman would probably expect that his wife will give him a brand new Lamborghini as the birthday present. Being the Sagittarius woman, rather try to supplement your relationship with a new spiritual dimension, to keep your love relaxed and balanced (your love might lie on it like on a soft pillow). The horoscope predicts: in 2018, it is you who will suggests a lecture on Buddhism, an exhibition of Baroque angels or a lunch in the complete darkness (a popular experiential gift from the Association of the Blind) to your counterpart.

Horoscope predicts also eternal riddles

The horoscope points out, that you should also change your hairstyle and, above all, devote enough time to the rest. Only fresh Sagittarius can crack the tough puzzles that you will face in love. You probably already know what is heavier, if it is one pound of feathers or one pound of iron. However, the 2018 will be much more “inventive”. And especially there will be no clear Yes / No answer to many questions.

Sagittarius, if someone will wake you up in the morning with a gentle kiss, at noon the same person will scold you that you have too many shoes in the closet, and finally in the evening the same individual will offer a sweet dessert to you, you will be probably very uncertain about what to think. However, Sagittarius, be reconciled with the fact that some questions is not easy to answer, some can be explained only in very long time, and actually some will last throughout the whole life – and love certainly belongs to them as the horoscope for 2018 finally adds.

Angel card - Sagittarius 2018 Love Horoscope
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