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Sagittarius - 2018 Horoscope


2018 prediction

The art of saying “no“ will help Sagittarius

Sagittarius, like brass is a unique alloy of copper and zinc, 2018 will be a similarly unique blend of spicy experiences and material prosperity. According to the horoscope prediction you will manage to combine demanding requirements of others with your idea of relaxing but successful life. The ingredients are simple: just a pinch of courage, a handful of self-confidence, but also a large portion of modesty. And the ability to say “no” at the right moment.

2018 will support the masculine and dominant side of your personality

Our lives are long and many people think that everything must be accomplished and managed in time and, let’s say it clearly, at almost any cost. But Sagittarius has already seen the light and knows that everything has its right time. During 2018, you will focus on developing your masculine side (even if you are a gentle woman). You will feel the urge to grow and dominate rather than to withdraw to the sideline and be manipulated. Horoscope suggests that concepts such as freedom, authority or control will be more frequently on the mind of all people born under the sign of Sagittarius.

Horoscope predicts playful behaviour

At the same time you may already suspect that a certain mischief is awakening inside you. It does not mean that you would like to start a worldwide revolution, perhaps not even to establish a new punk-rock band. But you will certainly not be attracted to everything that others have ordered you to do so far. Horoscope suggests: a small spark inside Sagittarius can light a big fire in 2018. If you have the habit of getting up regularly at 7:00 every day, you can be almost sure that a profound change will come!


Love is something that can please as well as upset Sagittarius. The horoscope for 2018 shows Sagittarius that people born under this zodiac sign are more experienced than they used to be and it will therefore be considerably more difficult to trick them by all the partner’s eccentricities. There is a saying that even if a goose flies over the sea, it still remains a goose. But Sagittarius is gaining valuable knowledge, life wisdom and important exercise with every arrow that hits or even misses the target. This is also true in love. Sagittarius will thrive in love, even though he or she can sometimes simply “overshoot” in matters of the heart (read more).


One of the talents of Sagittarius, which has probably been well hidden for a long time, will reappear during 2018, so you can expect that your career will make a significant step forward. Let’s say you, as a typical Sagittarius, will find out that your sense of smell exceeds 99% of the population and famous perfumery manufacturers such as Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Versace or Armani will start to compete to get your amazing nose. Or you may find that you can reveal a crime before it happens (at least while watching television). A little joke, of course, but horoscope really predicts that nurturing your old skills is also the way to a happier working life and to a career growth of Sagittarius (read more).

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