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Taurus - 2018 Love Horoscope


2018 Love Prediction

Honesty – Angel Card

The basic characteristic of Taurus in 2018 will be the honesty. The eponymous angel card encourages you to pay attention to sincerity, responsibility and personal honour. Although there is a lot of falsehood and selfishness in the world around, Taurus, according to the horoscope, will become a “flagship” of all zodiac signs, a role model, an exemplary virtue island. Taurus, like a lighthouse at the stormy sea, will help others to overcome difficulties and turbulent times in love. If you sail aimlessly and without a certain goal in your life, or if you rely only on the prospect of material gain, you will easily get shipwrecked. Honesty, however, is the light that will show the right path to Taurus in 2018, independent on how much darkness and bad weather rage around.

The royal blood” in love

The love horoscope for 2018 predicts that your pride will be on the rise and that means also the overall boost of self-confidence. Due to many centuries, in which our ancestors sought and found each other, it is very likely that a few drops of the royal blood circulate in your veins. Well, for all those countless generations, it is statistically quite certain that at least one of your great-great-great … grandfathers or grandmothers was of noble birth. And, judging by the love horoscope, Taurus will blossom into beauty (external as well as internal) as the precious rose. Become a king or queen, who is able to pass through everyday challenges of love with grace. Enjoy the feeling of grandeur that may still seem quite modest outwardly.

Angel card - Taurus 2018 Love Horoscope

Horoscope advises: clean up and help others

Taurus should pay attention to the tidiness. The comfortable house or flat and the well-kept workplace are not only a presentation of your pleasing abilities, but also a necessary background and the soft “nest” for love. If you do not have any problems in this area, the horoscope encourages you to take advantage of your skills and to help others less fortunate beings in 2018. The helping hand offered to someone who’s roof is falling into pieces or who’s marriage lie in ruins, it will uplift Taurus highly.

The 2018 – individuality is more than beauty

The love horoscope also advises to remember the Snow White fairy tale. Its message is crystal clear: where they ask the mirror about the beauty, there is also a poison nearby. Taurus should not therefore deal with the own appearance excessively (“am I really beautiful?”), but focus more on the modest balance between body and soul. Who loves you truly, will admire you even with rosy cheeks while skying, with thick glasses when you hunch over the book, and sleeping when your mouth is wide open in funny way. And what really matters in love? You can ask the horoscope. The answer for Taurus is: your inner self!

Angel card - Taurus 2018 Love Horoscope
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