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Cancer - 2019 Career Horoscope


2019 Career Prediction

Cancer will shine in 2019

The 2019 horoscope states a clear trend to move forward in work. The trajectory of Cancer's career is predetermined by many future decisions that will typically not look like "walking on the spot". On the contrary, it seems that Cancer is waiting for a significant career leap forward. It is also highly likely you will visit many new places or even work abroad. A movie about Steve Jobs (founder of Apple) has already been filmed; a movie about you not yet. However, according to the horoscope, 2019 can become a real milestone in what Cancer can give the world and how people born in this zodiac sign may leave their trace in history.

Horoscope encourages greater self-confidence

However, the horoscope also points out that Cancer's career path of 2019 is lined with doubts and questionable self-confidence. You will probably encounter some unpleasant surprise at work that could undermine your self-confidence or the confidence in other team members. The most common reaction of Cancer to such unpredictable (as well as later inexplicable) fate is the desire to disappear and reject the consequences, even more so if you are not responsible for the causes.

Anyway, you should know that the adversity of fate will disappear after some time, like bad weather which is simply followed by sunshine. According to the horoscope, in 2019 Cancer should rely on their strong-willed character, "work-hardiness", which make it easier to overcome the inconvenience and thus gain better self-confidence in the years to come.

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