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Capricorn - 2019 Career Horoscope


2019 Career Prediction

The horoscope advises to co-operate and to overcome stereotypes

According to the 2019 career horoscope, Capricorn will be particularly careful and will advance in activities that require cooperation and a "team spirit". If you have had a problem with discipline so far, it's an ideal time to rectify. The career horoscope also suggests that Capricorn can fulfil some bold wish. What will it be? It's up to you! Anyway, you can easily escape from the cage of stereotype, which you are probably already fed up with, like a brave lion whose freedom is limited by bars in the zoo.

2019 as a year of surprising encounters and job offers

In 2019 Capricorn should prepare to many surprising meetings and job offers. You may even catch the attention of a CEO in your favourite multinational company and he or she will offer you a job immediately. How could that be? Simply by talking to him / her during an intermission – you will not even know who he / she is, and so you will talk to him / her freely, informally and openly. Simply, according to the 2019 horoscope, Capricorn is very "well prepared" to handle the coming success and should primarily rely on his / her straightforward character and be able to profit from the magic of the moment.

Sensitive and distinctive Capricorn

In your work, according to the horoscope, increased perceptiveness and flawless performance (at least in comparison to your colleagues or competitors) will become the two main factors of success during the whole 2019. A raised forefinger that some envious people may be threatening to you with will turn into a compliment, because others will be jealous of your original ideas and rare talents; the more your work results will match or exceed demanding goals.

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