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Capricorn - 2019 Horoscope


2019 prediction

Horoscope sees limited resources

The 2019 horoscope confirms that Capricorn will be lead by a strong desire to help others. However, every help has its price. And since you probably do not belong to central bank governors who have the licence to "print money", you should rely on your limited resources. Both financial and, above all, "raw materials" – the source of both mental and physical energy, which is a true power of each Capricorn.

One for me, one for the prince

Capricorn, in 2019 the dominant risk is that you will give everything to others and nothing will be left to you. However, it would be a big mistake to get completely exhausted. That's why the horoscope encourages Capricorn, even when doing worthwhile charitable activities, do not forget about yourself. For each coin you put on a pile for someone else, always add one "sibling" to the other pile, which will be your future reserve. You may see such an example even in fairytales and the time is coming to be inspired by that attitude and practice it in real life.

2019 as a downy tail

Capricorn, the horoscope also suggests that 2019 will bring diverse experiences, often more spectacular than a peacock´s tail. Even the rainbow stretching over Capricorn's head will seem faded in comparison to all the wonderful experiences of 2019. Your life will become a painter's canvas, and your fate will start to paint stunning pictures that even Van Gogh himself would envy to Capricorn. Mainly travelling and studying is in focus; but in 2019,  Capricorn will only achieve the true satisfaction if his / her closest family or friends are happy as well. The horoscope reminds you that your happiness is closely linked to the happiness of others and unfortunately you can do very little about that.

Capricorn will draw attention

In 2019 the life of Capricorn will also resemble a thick yellow "highlighter". The horoscope reveals, that if your extraordinary appearance (hairstyle, visage ...) was attractive so far, then you can bet that also deeds of Capricorn will draw attention and gain large importance to others. The horoscope wants to say that if you have felt meaningless or completely trivial till now, than definitely expect to break this trend in 2019.

2019 will become a perfect mirror

Capricorn will definitely matter! Of course, you should keep in mind that your life is as an example to others. And the echoes of your energy will also come back, you know "what goes around comes around". The characteristic and exemplary action will be repaid to you with a similar coin, which now seems even reinforced by a positive response; but possible hate, malice or sinful intentions as well. The horoscope encourages Capricorns to carefully watch the kind of energy they send to the world.

Gemstone Capricorn - Cornelian

Gemstone Capricorn - Cornelian


The love of Capricorn may be very enthusiastic in 2019 and it will not lack the "wings". Poetic ideas, bold imagination, but also generosity and the ability to forgive – all that will, according to the horoscope, belong to the love typical of Capricorn. Capricorn's horoscope does not show any signs of worry, but that could affect your heart later. You will feel relaxed, like the flame of a candle that does not look at how much wax is left – and still burns intensely. The applause at the end of a romantic movie, as well as tears in case of misunderstanding, all that will certainly happen to your sensitive nature. Capricorn should try to achieve some moderation in his / her " flammable" temperament and, above all, to not "bet everything on one horse" (read more).


According to the 2019 career horoscope, Capricorn will be particularly careful and will advance in activities that require cooperation and a "team spirit". If you have had a problem with discipline so far, it's an ideal time to rectify. The career horoscope also suggests that Capricorn can fulfil some bold wish. What will it be? It's up to you! Anyway, you can easily escape from the cage of stereotype, which you are probably already fed up with, like a brave lion whose freedom is limited by bars in the zoo. In 2019 Capricorn should prepare to many surprising meetings and job offers. You may even catch the attention of a CEO in your favourite multinational company and he or she will offer you a job immediately (read more).

Gemstone Capricorn - Cornelian
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