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Pisces - 2019 Career Horoscope


2019 Career Prediction

Through hardships towards the stars (Per aspera ad astra)

Pisces, work will be of particular interest to you. However, the horoscope suggests that during the year 2019, a certain amount of suffering will be associated with your career as well. However, it is not entirely clear whether the cause may be a misunderstanding with the team, a disagreement with the superior, or a poor financial reward. Yet the horoscope predicts a vision of something pleasant, warm and soft to come at the end of the year . What can it mean? You can imagine fluffy clouds in the sky where, despite the career difficulties, you may eventually climb and fall asleep, satisfied after a well-done year-long work.

The horoscope reveals where to go

Regarding the career vision of Pisces, the horoscope shows that endurance and, above all, a "spark" (enthusiasm) that has to set your heart on fire, will be equaly important. According to the horoscope an ideal job for Pisces in 2019 will be based on your mental talents. If you work manually, though, your creativity will flourish – a wooden statuette, a billboard or a hand-made coffee grinder, all that is nothing more than a materialized idea or a "intelectual invention". Symbiosis of mental energy and practical skills guarantees career success for Pisces.

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