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Sagittarius - 2019 Career Horoscope


2019 Career Prediction

2019 becomes a crossroads

They say that "there is no smoke without fire". Sagittarius, the 2019 horoscope suggests some problematic moments, but they may not be noticeable at first glance. But just as smoke reveals that there must be fire somewhere (its cause), your nervousness, an uncomfortable feeling, or unexpected minor failures point to a possible greater epicentre. In 2019, according to the career horoscope, Sagittarius will stand on a crossroad and the decision they make may influence even more distant future.

Horoscope urges Sagittarius to accept changes

What has previously been linked together will tend to disconnect in 2019. What Sagittarius regarded as unshakable or "Solid Rock" turns out to be more like a sand castle that even children may tear down. Sagittarius, do not be afraid of catastrophic scenarios. The horoscope simply tells you that "change is healthy".

The challenge to build a new castle

As for your career, of course, a gradual transformation is better (new tasks, gradual change of customers ...) than an unexpected turnaround that can surprise you suddenly (deceased boss, burned-down factory ...). Every change is, however, a challenge to create something better. The horoscope encourages Sagittarius: if you add cement, water and above all your talents and experience to the sand remains (remember the castle mentioned in the paragraph above), you can create a new concrete (therefore solid) building in 2019, a "construction" that will form the basis of your work for many years to come. Despite all the necessary effort and complications the horoscope sees the career of Sagittarius in a very positive light indeed.

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