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Sagittarius - 2019 Horoscope


2019 prediction

2019 full of important decisions

The horoscope predicts that 2019 will be interwoven with significant decisions. It almost looks like Sagittarius could write down all decisions into some luxury leather-bound notebook. That will surely become a valuable artefact entitled "Down and Up Again" that will be sold for a breathtaking record sum of $ 43,750 at Sotheby's (by the way the same price was paid for John Lennon's glasses in 2016 auction)

Not even the latest technology can save Sagittarius in case of adversity

Sorry, the previous paragraph is primarily meant as a joke! It is true, however, that according to the horoscope, the chances of "reaching the very bottom" are certainly higher in 2019 than at other times. Sagittarius, it is simply a sad fact that one who takes several wrong turns on their walk in the woods can be lost for a very long time, even with the latest gadgets in their pocket; it only takes a dead phone battery to be suddenly facing a "disaster".

Horoscope will support critical thinking

One important thing is obvious, though. In 2019 critical thinking and empathy will be polished up to perfection as key personality traits of Sagittarius. For example, if you haven´t started writing consumer reviews yet of everything you buy at different e-shops, you should do so immediately. The horoscope says that this particular activity, or any other form of advising to others, can provide Sagittarius with a blissful sense of life fulfilment.

Sagittarius defeats the feeling of uselessness

If till now Sagittarius has been worried, the most common reason was probably a feeling of pointless and empty life. Nevertheless, the horoscope says that rather than immersing into depression and getting lost among the walls of your room, it will be better to embark on a creative and critical mission. Exchanging your opinions with others may be painful, but it definitely pays off in 2019.

Respect other opinions and habits

Different opinions  may often upset Sagittarius – simply because you would like to help others  understand and change their "blindness" or limited view. However, the horoscope appeals to Sagittarius, it is necessary to respect that some like it hot but others like it cold. That Sagittarius would rather watch a Mel Brooks' comedy (Simpsons) and somebody else might prefer a John Carpenters' horror (Halloween). And if the beloved one opens the window to get some fresh air while your feet are freezing, you may get absolutely desperate, but you can't do anything about it.

Horoscope advises to rely on empathy when in need

Sagittarius, accept the fact that tolerance is needed in 2019 probably as much as hiking boots are a must in the mountains. And above all, the horoscope points out that if people perceive things differently, it does not mean they are wrong. The year 2019 is a challenge to unlock your chamber of secrets and see the world as a true mosaic. When critical thinking and your feelings disagree, rely on empathy and avoid an open conflict.

Gemstone Sagittarius - Chalcedony

Gemstone Sagittarius - Chalcedony


In 2019, love will be a matter of authority for Sagittarius. The horoscope anticipates that Sagittarius would probably be the happiest if love worked like a common bureau ("you fill in an application form according to all rules and wait until it is either accepted or rejected"). To have clear rules is simply the most useful thing. But according to the horoscope, 2019 may become a sailboat on the high seas. Its faith depends mainly on wind and waves. You only find out about the kind of weather that awaits you a very short time in advance. The love horoscope therefore says: Sagittarius should accept that love represents a powerful natural authority ("mother nature") that has to be respected (read more).


They say that "there is no smoke without fire". Sagittarius, the 2019 horoscope suggests some problematic moments, but they may not be noticeable at first glance. But just as smoke reveals that there must be fire somewhere (its cause), your nervousness, an uncomfortable feeling, or unexpected minor failures point to a possible greater epicentre. In 2019, according to the career horoscope, Sagittarius will stand on a crossroad and the decision they make may influence even more distant future. What has previously been linked together will tend to disconnect in 2019. What Sagittarius regarded as unshakable or "Solid Rock" turns out to be more like a sand castle that even children may tear down. Sagittarius, do not be afraid of catastrophic scenarios (read more).

Gemstone Sagittarius - Chalcedony
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