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Taurus - 2019 Career Horoscope


Work as a fun

The 2019 horoscope reminds Taurus that ideally work should also be fun. For instance, if you shuffle boxes from one place to another in a warehouse, feeling like a robot, something is definitely wrong; and the more you imagine yourself being somewhere outside under the sunny sky, the more you should consider changing your current job.

An attractive juicy tomato can only ripen in the sun and if Taurus loves the sun as well, he or she must simply find a job that will allow him / her to spend most of the day in the open air. A lifeguard, a traffic warden or a lighthouse keeper – any of these jobs will provide you with fresh air and plenty of photons, or, of course, any similar job you may choose. It depends only on your preferences.

If you suffer from agoraphobia (fear of open spaces), do not hesitate and apply for a job of a  guardian in Ford Knox (housing of the US gold reserves). You will feel safe and enjoy the yellow shine similar to one the sun emits.

Horoscope encourages Taurus to tune on material essence

The horoscope suggests that Taurus should show more effort to comply with their own material essence, the element of the earth. Everything related to work that is intangible will be considered uncertain; especially in 2019.

Does the employer offer you an unconventional bonus to your salary in a crypto-currency such as Bitcoin? No, Taurus will surely prefer a reward in the form of gold bricks. Are you supposed to choose an Internet connection using wi-fi or cable? The "wire" is of course a more secure and reliable solution for Taurus; and so on.

According to horoscope, in 2019 Taurus may achieve the best work results in areas where material and useful results prevail. Metaphorically: a common needle with a thread can easily beat distant
"cloud" data. Likewise, professional gardening can easily win over financial consultancy which is more a game of numbers rather than a source of genuine tangible value. The horoscope points out the tendency of Taurus to prefer work where senses dominate – where you can touch, sniff or at least feast your eyes on the results.

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