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Taurus - 2019 Horoscope


2019 prediction

Taurus as an enthusiast for new alternatives

Taurus, if apple is today´s must-have (no matter if it is the popular fruit or the smartphone brand), you should opt for pear in 2019. However, it is not an allusion to your body shape. Not even to the "sharp" flavour pears usually have. The horoscope tries to indicate that pears are a particularly subtle and often overlooked alternative.

In 2019, people born in the sign of Taurus will start to develop unusual talents and discover valuable alternatives inside or around them. It can be anything creative: the invention that will help collect more honey to bees, thinner but warmer socks, or a recipe that will save one-third of costs and provide more delicious treat at the same time.

Well arranged 2019

The 2019 horoscope also reveals that the life of Taurus will slowly come to normal. In recent years your inner feelings probably resembled a sinusoid with clearly distinct peaks and bottoms. A summit is, of course, beautiful, but when it is followed by a deep abyss, it is difficult not to feel certain anxiety. But, Taurus, do not worry. The year 2019 will look like a flat and sunny landscape where you can easily choose where to go even without a map.

Taurus will also be able to translate many past experiences into clear new rules. According to horoscope, your life will flow peacefully and simply which will make other zodiac signs envy you. Deep, yet crystal clear and calm surface of a lake – that's the way the horoscope portraits this year's essence of Taurus.

Horoscope advises: independence in the first place

Perhaps surprisingly, Taurus will also engage in drug issues. To put it more precisely, 2019 is an ideal opportunity to fight various forms of addiction, or to help others with similar problems. You should therefore think about whether there is an activity in your life that takes more than it gives, maybe alcohol, social networks, gambling or some relationships. According to the horoscope, Taurus will be gifted by an incredible stamina and patience to overcome obstacles step by step and  gain more independence and freedom.

Gemstone Taurus - Tiger's Eye

Gemstone Taurus - Tiger's Eye


Taurus, if love and relationships were not excellent in the past, do not worry. The horoscope cannot prescribe a magical pill that would solve all the troubles, but even the best doctor cannot do this. However, we know for sure that 2019 has a strong potential to make the fog disappear, the fog that obscures real problems in love and relationships. Love turns out to be a hook that can help Taurus to bind to the side of another powerful ship (a partner, a spouse) who is able to cross the ocean full of storms and rocky cliffs. According to the horoscope, in 2019 the love life of Taurus will resemble a colourful mosaic, or better still, a stained glass window, which brings beautiful light into the church. A spiritual atmosphere and experiences that could compete with colours of a rainbow will permiate and enrich  Taurus´love which is their indispensable essence (read more).


The 2019 horoscope reminds Taurus that ideally work should also be fun. For instance, if you shuffle boxes from one place to another in a warehouse, feeling like a robot, something is definitely wrong; and the more you imagine yourself being somewhere outside under the sunny sky, the more you should consider changing your current job. An attractive juicy tomato can only ripen in the sun and if Taurus loves the sun as well, he or she must simply find a job that will allow him / her to spend most of the day in the open air. A lifeguard, a traffic warden or a lighthouse keeper – any of these jobs will provide you with fresh air and plenty of photons, or, of course, any similar job you may choose. It depends only on your preferences (read more).

Gemstone Taurus - Tiger's Eye
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