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Cancer - 2019 Love Horoscope


2019 Love Prediction

In love, you do not owe to anyone

Cancer, certain "fragmentation" of emotions will be typical for 2019; love is like a ship rocking on the sea waves. The horoscope indicates a rising tendency to look for the pleasant rhythm and harmony of your heart. Maybe your mind will be overwhelmed by a feeling that you owe someone in love. But this is only a matter of opinion. As the rule of Jerry Dušek (Czech actor and folk philosopher) number 17 says: "Remember that you never owe anything to anyone".

Horoscope advice: think of yourself

Cancer, the horoscope suggests that above all you should concentrate on the fact that the best way to achieve satisfaction in love is to think primarily of yourself, of your own peace, of the art of forgiving (yourself as well), and you certainly should not give in to sudden impulses. If the beat of your heart sounds like a cacophony instead of the magnificent harmony of Mozart's sonatas, it would be best to fly away to peace and quiet of Tibet (or at least to a humble mountain cottage) for a month and have a rest, rather than quickly decide which note may be the proper one in your "chord".

The love experience in 2019 will be similar to surfing the waves of Hawaii – very demanding, a little dangerous, but incredibly tempting. Restless seas of love represent space where you can romp, but where injury is not far away. The horoscope, however, is here to advise you and not just vaguely sketch all possibilities of the future.

Four Councils for Happiness in Love of 2019:

  1. If you love someone who does not love you, do not despair, wish him/her luck and search further.
  2. Love must be a "nutritious drink", an elixir, that gives you energy like milk with honey did in ancient past. If love causes mainly troubles, depression or confusion to Cancer, they should rather forget about it and travel far away (physically or at least symbolically – mentally).
  3. If Cancer is not sure what the purpose of love is, be sure that it is a permanent harmony, not a short-term excitement.
  4. Real love is not a Sunday walk, but rather a difficult ascent of Sherpa in the Himalaya. Well, this strong person´s bach may be wet with sweat, he may be exhausted, but also feel amazing satisfaction because of what he has achieved and where his eye can now see.

That's all the horoscope tells. Cancer, we wish you good luck!

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