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Capricorn - 2019 Love Horoscope


2019 Love Prediction

Enthusiastic love

The love of Capricorn may be very enthusiastic in 2019 and it will not lack the "wings". Poetic ideas, bold imagination, but also generosity and the ability to forgive – all that will, according to the horoscope, belong to the love typical of Capricorn.

The heart of Capricorn as a candle flame

Capricorn's horoscope does not show any signs of worry, but that could affect your heart later. You will feel relaxed, like the flame of a candle that does not look at how much wax is left – and still burns intensely. The applause at the end of a romantic movie, as well as tears in case of misunderstanding, all that will certainly happen to your sensitive nature. Capricorn should try to achieve some moderation in his / her " flammable" temperament and, above all, to not "bet everything on one horse". In 2019 the horoscope suggests to avoid any forms of crazy love. Sobering up from such love could be easily compared to the collapse of the Athenian Colosseum.

2019 like a cake

Love is like a cake. You can sometimes get a cake unexpectedly as a gift, but the best one is usually the one you bake yourself. Especially because Capricorn can appreciate all the effort the preparation requires and also because Capricorn knows what ingredients were used at the beginning. The love horoscope shows such parallel as follows: In 2019, Capricorn may be disappointed, but only if love comes unexpectedly "as a spam mail". Capricorn, if you suddenly fall in love, consider such luck a mere recipe, not a culinary delight itself.

Horoscope urges: Become a chef

Capricorn, the horoscope requires to take on a role of a chef, of an artist possessing imagination who will experiment with spices or who will develop a food "theme" in all tastes and scents (as a painter using new colours and shapes). The love of Capricorn in 2019 may be compared to a treasure hunt but the treasure may surprisingly be hidden just around the corner.

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