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Pisces - 2019 Love Horoscope


2019 Love Prediction

Horoscope warns "the truth will always come out"

Pisces, if we consider the trends that the love horoscope suggests for 2019, you should in particular bear in mind that you can't get away with a lie. In matters of love and relationships be very cautious, even more so if you do not intend to be entirely honest.

Thoughts like a lizard

Pisces, your attention and the ability of the long-term concentration will be maximized in 2019. Your thoughts may resemble a tiny lizard in the sizzling summer sun. It can slip out of grip or escape with clever tactical move from anyone who tries to catch or trick it. Likewise, the horoscope brings a message that Pisces will detect all the wrongdoing that could be expected in any relationship.

Poetic year 2019

The horoscope also suggests that love in 2019 will have a very poetic face for Pisces. Maybe the mere way you can pout your lips or smile sweetly will seem like a poem written by nature itself to your significant other.

Flexible "fish"

Pisces, the horoscope also warns that love will require a lot of flexibility – ability to adapt to ever changing conditions. Imagine that you are travelling by train and that a hundred-year-old oak falls on rails. You certainly cannot continue the journey until the obstacle is removed. However, if you are travelling on horseback, running, or simply walking, then such a treetrunk may cause a minimal delay. Pisces, in 2019, you should be prepared to overcome obstacles easily; and if your "train of love" is strong but absolutely depending on fixed rails then such setting can cause immense trouble.

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