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Sagittarius - 2019 Love Horoscope


2019 Love Prediction

2019 as on a sailboat

In 2019, love will be a matter of authority for Sagittarius. The horoscope anticipates that Sagittarius would probably be the happiest if love worked like a common bureau ("you fill in an application form according to all rules and wait until it is either accepted or rejected"). To have clear rules is simply the most useful thing. But according to the horoscope, 2019 may become a sailboat on the high seas. Its faith depends mainly on wind and waves. You only find out about the kind of weather that awaits you a very short time in advance. The love horoscope therefore says: Sagittarius should accept that love represents a powerful natural authority ("mother nature") that has to be respected. Sagittarius should understand love as a truly powerful and unpredictable source of energy that does not follow human laws and government directives.

The horoscope points to the north

At the same time the 2019 love horoscope anticipates heading north on your voyage. It means cool waters and tricky navigation. The closer you get to the North Pole, the more confused the compass bullet will be (because the compass bullet has no place to go directly on the Pole). Sagittarius people who demand straightforward and simple passion in love can lose their way in 2019, which may also cause an understandable disappointment. Sagittariuses whose idea of love resembles a lost treasure hunt in the Canary Islands (exotic warmth + a clear map), will not be delighted by 2019 horoscope. However, Sagittariuses who rely on their own intuition and like inhospitable terrain, where you can easily get lost, those can literally cheer while reading next year's horoscope.

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