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Taurus - 2019 Love Horoscope


2019 Love Prediction

2019 makes the fog disappear

Taurus, if love and relationships were not excellent in the past, do not worry. The horoscope cannot prescribe a magical pill that would solve all the troubles, but even the best doctor cannot do this. However, we know for sure that 2019 has a strong potential to make the fog disappear, the fog that obscures real problems in love and relationships. Love turns out to be a hook that can help Taurus to bind to the side of another powerful ship (a partner, a spouse) who is able to cross the ocean full of storms and rocky cliffs.

Love as a mosaic

According to the horoscope, in 2019 the love life of Taurus will resemble a colourful mosaic, or better still, a stained glass window, which brings beautiful light into the church. A spiritual atmosphere and experiences that could compete with colours of a rainbow will permiate and enrich  Taurus´love which is their indispensable essence.

Horoscope full of harmony

Taurus, if you can hear a quiet sound, a whistling, be sure that this is not any hearing defect, but rather that you start to perceive the sound of angelic trumpets, which creates a beautiful melody in the celestial orchestra. It is clear that you can hear the harmony that will lead the rhythm of love during most of 2019.

Taurus, the horoscope encourages you to listen carefully to your heart and be lead by its advice. The 2019 horoscope also reveals that your love will resemble a large and loud swing orchestra, rather than a gloomy chamber music, a piano or a violin sonata. Taurus, love in 2019 will be a very rich meal, not just a small dessert accompanying other main course.

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