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Virgo - 2019 Love Horoscope


2019 Love Prediction

Decision-making based on reason or emotion?

Virgo, love is not a tool of career growth or a "lift" that could take you up to the material well-being. In the field of love, rely on your heart and do not try to drive your own emotions primarily with reason. The horoscope warns that in 2019, rational approach may hurt more than help.

2019 is the year of "here and now"

At the same time, it seems appropriate to focus above all on the present moment. Do not worry about all the disappointment that Virgo had to go through in the past, nor paint the future in bright colours. Such attitude is useless. Simply accept that you live in the present moment – "here and now". If you hear thunder, lightning will not be far. However, Virgo, the horoscopes points out that love is not as "causal" and predictable as the physical laws of nature. In love, count with unexpected and surprising events during the whole 2019 (do not try to plan the route of your heart, it wouldn't work).

Virgo, focus on a real life

Virgo, in love, it is not important who you follow on the Internet, if you share funny posts on Facebook, if you write intelligent tweets on Twitter, or if you look beautiful on Instagram – it is important to whom you pay attention to in real life. Your senses such as touch, smell and sight will help encourage your emotions and find a recipe for a happy love, definitely more than reading "second-hand" but "guaranteed" dating advice on the Internet. The 2019 horoscope therefore recommends Virgo focus on true stories that actually take place right around you. Virgo, here you can find the necessary inspiration that will help your love flourish.

Horoscope reveals: love, that is a miracle and an exam all in one

Virgo, the horoscope says that in 2019, perhaps, you may get "wet to the bone" because love does not follow any weather forecast. And it's hard to carry an umbrella with you all the time. Virgo will have to deal with many new tasks (changing weather) in the field of love and emotions. But what will it be good for? Virgo will find out what miracles and trials the Nature or God (depending on what you believe) plans for you.

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