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Virgo - 2019 Horoscope


2019 prediction

Horoscope recommends to enjoy a moderate risk

Virgo, the 2019 horoscope warns of your natural thriftiness. It could very easily happen that your desire for profit "at all costs" or for maximum savings will overshadow your natural heartiness. Accept the fact that higher yields always mean a higher risk; when you want to get something, you have to be willing and ready to sacrifice or lose from time to time – or in other words, you can't lose a race if you do not take part in it, but you can't win it either, that's 100% certain.


We live in an era that puts great emphasis on gender balance, but according to the horoscope, Virgo is still a woman by the inner nature of this zodiac sign. And in 2019, it will certainly be worth taking an advantage of all the essence that this zodiac sign features. Emphasize your beauty, charm and tenderness, especially if you are a woman, this should go without saying.


However, even if you are a man, do not be afraid to show kindness, tolerance, sympathy and understanding, which are qualities often attributed to ladies. Rather than polishing a revolver, waving a club or showing off with a Harley Davidson, it may be much more important for the prosperity of every Virgo man to be civilized, moderate and to behave in a highly gentlemanly manner. The year 2019 will also provide a good opportunity to fix broken relationships (family, friends ...).

2019 supports healthy diet

Virgo's Horoscope is not proposing vegetarianism, but it seems appropriate to increase the proportion of fruit and vegetables in your diet to the maximum. In 2019, Virgo´s troubles with digestive system may get worse and let's face it, abdominal pain or bloating are neither pleasant, nor sexy.

Personal magic

It is also interesting to note that the horoscope foresees a great time for the personal aura of Virgo, which will prove to be ideal for impressing others with your charm and inner energy.

Virgo hard as a nut

Finally, the last piece of advice of the horoscope relates to people around you. To be happy, do not hesitate to make high demands and set strict conditions that will make the world around you a better place. Do you want someone to stop drinking alcohol or smoking? Tell them they have to,  otherwise ... (the consequences are up to you). Do you want to gain more self-discipline? Be demanding to yourself as well. Be strict but fair and impartial.

Gemstone Virgo - Sodalite

Gemstone Virgo - Sodalite


Virgo, love is not a tool of career growth or a "lift" that could take you up to the material well-being. In the field of love, rely on your heart and do not try to drive your own emotions primarily with reason. The horoscope warns that in 2019, rational approach may hurt more than help. At the same time, it seems appropriate to focus above all on the present moment. Do not worry about all the disappointment that Virgo had to go through in the past, nor paint the future in bright colours. Such attitude is useless. Simply accept that you live in the present moment – "here and now". If you hear thunder, lightning will not be far. However, Virgo, the horoscopes points out that love is not as "causal" and predictable as the physical laws of nature (read more).


Virgo should "protect the skin" at work. You can, of course, put on a sun cream with a protective factor of 50, but that´s not what we have in mind. The horoscope says that in 2019, Virgo should be cautious and avoid danger that comes "from the outside", which means: Do not expose yourself to unnecessary risk and do not participate in speculative businesses you do not choose yourself. Virgo, if your employer offers you to supervise an expansion to the Russian or Chinese market, leave this interesting but extremely problematic challenge to someone else. Virgo, at work take only a healthy portion of risk that is associated with projects and innovations you come up with yourself, not anyone else (read more).

Gemstone Virgo - Sodalite
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