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Cancer - 2018 Horoscope


2018 prediction

2018 challenges you to reconcile yourself with your pros and cons

Cancer, the horoscope for 2018 reminds you that in fact the majority of people has never matured (most adults are just big kids). Although you seem to be fine without nappies, and you do not even play with a ball in streets (perhaps except for those few who have small children), but all this is still not enough for achieving the true wisdom and reaching your mental peak. When you think selflessly of others, only then you become a respectable human being. And when the others can rely on you and even tell you their secrets, this makes you the genuine Cancer. This will be an enormous challenge during 2018 – to be more proud of your strengths and to be more reconciled with your flaws.

The horoscope urges Cancer: Get rid of unnecessary things

Cancer, you like material resources. However, you do not belong to the hedonistic snobs who need their water taps made from solid gold and everything worse than a Rolls-Royce causes them dizziness and contusion of spine while driving. In this respect, Cancer is perfectly normal. But if you are prone to be thrifty, please pay more attention to practical results. There is no sense in patching a hole in your pants, unless the only person who owned and wore them before you was Elvis Presley himself. Otherwise it will be better to keep those pants just as working clothes for wearing in the garden. The horoscope urges Cancer to simply discard anything they no longer use.

Cancer needs a place for new experiences

You can help yourself and others as well. Cancer should be modest and get rid of useless things gradually throughout the whole of 2018. Certainly there are forgotten treasures in your basement or in the attic, and you can turn them into something useful again by yielding them, for example, to people less fortunate than you are. Old granddad's badges are certainly beautiful, but unless there is an original sheriff's star from Kansas City 1923 among them, they might do a greater service to the world in the hands of an enthusiastic collector or in a museum showcase, rather than in your drawer. Cancer, the horoscope simply says: make a space for something new, something that has not had a chance to enter your life yet. A barrel full of water cannot be filled with wine in any other way than by draining the water first.


The love horoscope draws your attention to a simple comparison: It is quite common that if the dust is floating around, you will have difficulty breathing, and sneezing will bring relief only for a limited period of time. In this case you have no other option than to open the window and let in some fresh air. The horoscope predicts that the situation in Cancer´s life will be very similar in matters of love. If the atmosphere is stifling at home, go outside for a walk and simply let the oppressive thoughts be blown away. Naturally, you do not have to spend all days of 2018 outside – Cancer is brave enough to face serious problems in love and relationships rather than run away from away, but honestly, everything is solved much more easily with a cool head (read more).


Do not despise work, but do not let anybody force you into a business you do not enjoy. Working as a lift maintenance man if you are claustrophobic is not a good idea. The career horoscope suggests that the best fields for Cancer people are those that enable them to develop a sense of aesthetic and spatial arrangement (arranging, garden or interior design, architecture, organising an exhibition ...) or a sense of justice and proper level (quality control, certification, auditing, infringement management ...). Anyway, the kiss of a muse is indispensable for every Cancer, no matter if his or her work is demanding mentally or physically. The creative spark and verve is absolutely essential for your work and career success in 2018 (read more)!

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