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Pisces - 2018 Horoscope


2018 prediction

White is the right colour for Pisces

Pisces, 2018 is shaping up as the abundant and favourable year. White colour will particularly suit you and it will highlight the festive atmosphere of each day. For you, there is no mundanity. The horoscope predicts that Pisces are able to perceive the uniqueness of fleeting moments. Whether you are in Buckingham Palace, on the top of Great Pyramid in Giza or just queueing at the supermarket – there is no huge difference for Pisces. You can find good and bad people everywhere go and you can thoroughly appreciate the presence of just one kind of them.

2018 will support the social life

Social life will be valued by Pisces more than solitary meditation or a stay in a convent. When someone asks you to dance or invites you to some other event or game, you will certainly not decline such a polite offer in 2018. According to the horoscope, Pisces will start to feel even more convenient among others, probably just like beads on a string. Beads also require diversity and variety to light up the one who is wearing them.

The horoscope predicts a business mind

The horoscope predicts the entrepreneurial spirit to Pisces in 2018. If someone comes up with an idea that a cable or a pipeline will be put in your estate, this person will certainly have to show a purse full of gold coins to soften your “fish” heart. Pisces, in 2018 you will precisely recognize a good deal or opportunity if one comes along. A plaster dwarf in your garden is no treasure for sure, but an old mechanical clock that once belonged to your grandmother might be as valuable as Mona Lisa. Pisces, your business mind will undoubtedly be on the rise.


Pisces, love in 2018 is a beast that must be tamed and trained. Probably you already know that to fall in love mindlessly can be as stupid as setting a wild dog free. Such disobedient beast can easily hurt you and others, and perhaps you shall never see it again. The horoscope for 2018 recommends modest love that is permanent and enduring. If Pisces bite someone, even though it is due to the joyful feeling stemming from love, the concerned may not survive at the end (read more).


Let everything that has been bothering you for some time leave your work life. If Pisces have to fill out piles of papers, which only raise their blood pressure, it might be better to leave such a career to someone mentally more resilient and to head towards a different kind of work, this time truly meaningful. Your suspicion is right - memories of what you have been doing for most of your life will be something that cannot be changed or even repeated again. 2018, according to the horoscope, is a favourable year for searching for the true mission of your life, the genuine and fulfilling career (read more).

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