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Virgo - 2018 Horoscope


2018 prediction

In 2018, try to be more exemplary than last year

Virgo, 2018 may be a real highway to a deeper understanding. Whether you are exploring Renaissance frescoes, fluctuations on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, or you just want to know how to bake the best cake – all this is more than commendable, if you want to become a better person and especially, if you want to bring joy and happiness to everyone around you. The horoscope reminds Virgo that you do not need to aspire to the Nobel Prize, it will suffice to try and live more exemplary life than last year. Besides, if everyone started with themselves, like Virgo, the world would be the best place ever!

Virgo, take care of your health

The 2018 horoscope predicts that the physical condition of people born under the sign of Virgo will be more fragile than before. It can mean a greater susceptibility to disease and injury. Especially your nervous and digestive systems deserve your tender care and lenient treatment. Grant yourself a visit to the spa (or at least the domestic analogy of it) and a healthy diet. To eat 100 kilos of apples will be more beneficial than to chew 100 kilos of beef during the whole of 2018. Virgo represents a gentle and feminine zodiac sign. That is why it more likely resembles a dancing nymph than a knight in heavy armour. According to horoscope Virgo should try to develop the qualities and talents that are related to beauty, art, and aesthetics.

The horoscope predicts: Virgo’s intuition will be on the rise

Despite certain fragility of Virgo, people born under this zodiac sign will gather enough strength to overcome all obstacles and barriers. Be prepared for tricks of magic, which, however, will not be performed by true wizards, but rather by tricksters who can skillfully handle numbers. These fraudsters would like to cut off a fat sum from your bank account. They do not know that Virgo people have excellent intuition, which in 2018 will be even sharper then before. Virgo will certainly not overlook the fact that a piglet dressed in pink is not a doll, but still just a small pig, no matter how cute it may be. Nobody will easily fool Virgo this way! The horoscope announces that if you find, for example, another e-mail about an unexpected inheritance in Africa during 2018, you will surely know it is yet another spam and no genuine opportunity.


Virgo, 2018 reminds you that love (along with health of course) is a half of all happiness. If you have an intense, enjoyable and balanced relationship, you should be grateful. Love is conducted by your fate like a classic orchestra. But never forget, that you, Virgo, are the one who is holding the instrument of love in your hands. It is not necessary to bring sacrifice to gods on Mount Olympus like the ancient Greeks had to. It may be enough just to humbly admit that “someone up there” probably really likes Virgo. And if you are missing sufficient amount of love at the moment, you should know that the horoscope forecasts sunny weather and clear skies during most of 2018 (read more).


People born under the sign of Virgo are a bit sentimental and old-fashioned, but in the positive sense of the word! Maybe that is also the reason why it comes to your mind in 2018 that we all have stopped moving at work. Of course, you could throw the computer, which you use for at least eight hours every day, out of the window, pick up a scythe and go and mow the grass on a field. However, that would be a silly idea and it would not help your career in the slightest. Virgo, you are probably well aware of the fact that in this case, you would soon end up under the wheels of a combine harvester and your children would probably not be happy with your poor salary either. No, this wild “back to the roots” experiment is not the proper solution to the Virgo’s career improvement!

Instead of this crazy revolution set off on a gradual path of evolution. In other words – Virgo, transform your work gradually towards the ideal of harmonious participation of both, body and soul. The career horoscope suggests that work focused only on one component (the physical or the mental one) is too one-sided and unsatisfactory for your tender zodiac sign (read more).

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