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Capricorn - 2018 Horoscope


2018 prediction

The 2018 will bring greater understanding

Capricorn, although you are honest, you are a secretive person in the first place and you do not go around telling racy stories from your intimate life to someone you have known for barely five minutes. Therefore you will be even more pleasantly surprised when you find out that the people around you also agree with your deepest opinions, which you do not say directly to everyone. Whether they are your political views, sexual fantasies or inappropriate jokes that you like telling to make others mad – the horoscope predicts that all this will be accepted and create understanding among the loved ones.

The horoscope predicts the rise of your taste and eccentricity

The horoscope for 2018 also announces the relentless increase in your extravagance. Capricorn people certainly have never belonged to those who want to blend in with an anonymous crowd, like a grey mouse probably would. However, now the Capricorn will feel how nice it is to be watched by others with enthusiasm or even with raised eyebrows. The fashion becomes your hobby. A hat bent as if a steamroller ran over it would only bring despair to others, but Capricorn can float down the street wearing this garment on their head looking like the first sail boat, which has proudly slashed the ocean waves. And even if you are of ripe age and do not have any ambition to shock the modelling world, you should know that even the design of your shopping bag will not be of some interest to you in 2018.

Capricorn will enjoy mischief

The sense of humour means a lot to Capricorn. But, according to the horoscope, you will find out that the role of a prankster is closer to your heart than you have admitted ever before. Nudging friends with an elbow in moments of noisy laughter will certainly not be rare. The horoscope advises Capricorn that it is not just about “HAVING A GOOD TIME”, but rather about “FEELING GOOD”. Surprisingly, this is not quite the same. Happiness is primarily a state of mind in this case, not a brick of gold.


Capricorn, be watchful when it comes to love during 2018. Everything has its price – but that does not mean just money. Capricorn people are pragmatic and know that even love is not for free. For example, cheating often costs a lot of energy and remorse. Keeping quiet when you do not like something (such as behaviour or opinions of your beloved one) usually ends up with nothing but accumulation of anger – like a debt that is not paid off regularly results in an astronomical interest. The horoscope encourages Capricorn to go on a sensible and healthy ”relationship diet” or an overall modest ”love-lifestyle”. Instead of oatmeal for breakfast it will be enough for Capricorn to talk openly and regularly (and listen too) about what he or she likes and dislikes in the relationship. And, instead of potential infidelity, you should rather admit openly that you need a change (read more).


Capricorn at work would like to shine like the sun on the midday sky. However, according to the career horoscope, it will be better to calm down a bit in 2018 and perhaps sacrifice some high ideals and goals. Trying to get through to the distant target you have set can bring hideous scars on your soul. And also your unbeatable resolution may be the salt that will burn in wounds of disappointment twice as much. Do you have a roof over your head? Do you have something to eat? Capricorn wants more, that is clear, but modesty would suit you better and it would even bring a genuine feeling of greater happiness, and that is what the career horoscope highlights in the first place (read more).

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